I have a LWC component with a link that I want to navigate directly to the Registration page in the Community. I’m using the following code to link to it.

    type: 'comm__namedPage',
    attributes: {
        name: 'Register'

When I click the link it sends me to an Invalid Page. The same is true if I try to link to the Forgot_Password page. If I replace the name value with another standard page's api name, it works fine. Is there something unique about these pages that prevents them from being linked to directly?


Are you trying to call a custom page? If not, I'm not sure if "Register" is a supported name parameter. Please check the below link:

PageReference Types

How about trying to redirect to a url, which you can buildup for you community?

      type: "standard__webPage",
      attributes: {
        url: "/communityURL/"
   }).then((generatedUrl) => {
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  • it's the standard Salesforce registration page in Community builder. "Register" is the Api Name of the page. – Steve Schrab Oct 29 at 17:39
  • Your solution does work. I used a non-absolute path of login/ForgotPassword. I would like to know why you can't target it like you can a standard page with the api name. – Steve Schrab Oct 29 at 20:48
  • @SteveSchrab I'm not really sure, but the documentation is saying that supported pages are: Supported pages are: Home Account Management Contact Support Error Login My Account Top Articles Topic Catalog Custom pages But I'm not able to tell you exactly why Salesforce is doing so. Glad that my solution is working. :) – Michał Pastuszka Oct 30 at 8:05

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