I'm having an issue populating records in my related list. As you can see below, it is empty. Parent to Child Link

enter image description here

I've linked my custom salesforce object(parent) to my SharePoint external object(child) via an indirect lookup relationship.

On my Salesforce Parent Object, I've created an External Id called sharepointid. externalId

On the SharePoint external child object, I've created an indirect lookup referencing my parent file object via an the external id. External Object Properties

When I edit my SharePoint file's sharepointid to match my parent object's external ID, my child object successfully has a link to the parent via the indirect lookup relationship. Child To Parent Link

The parent's related list however, is still empty... The child references/maps to the parent fine, but the parent doesn't map the to child. Am I missing a step? Since the child maps to to the parent I assume the reverse relationship is also automatically created.

I'm on lightning experience, but the issue persists in classic as well. Note that I've integrated SharePoint files via Files Connect. I can search and view my SharePoint files on salesforce successfully.

Any help would be appreciated.


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