can you help me in auto-populating the existing lookup field values. There is an example in this website : https://live.playg.app/play/lookup-in-lightning-datatable-lwc

I need to display all the records with field values of Asset object in a Datatable.

Two objects : Asset__c, Data_Category__c.

Asset__c object has a lookup field related to Data_Category__c. (fieldname: Category)

Below is my code :

Help me understand what values needs to be passed to : (parent/child)

fieldName = =

object =


displayFields: "",

displayFormat: "",

valueId: { fieldName: },


            label: 'Category', fieldName: 'parentCategoryId', type: 'lookup', typeAttributes: {

                placeholder: 'Select Parent Account',

                uniqueId: { fieldName: 'assetId' }, //pass Id of current record to lookup for context

                object: "Data_Category__c",

                icon: "standard:account",

                label: "Data Category",

                displayFields: "Name",

                displayFormat: "Name",

                filters: "",

                valueId: { fieldName: 'parentCategoryId' },




Any suggestion from anyone would be helpful, Thankyou.

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