I have standard related list on Meeting Group object and sort order custom field should be edited for all records in one go so I have created LWC to show same # of records for the mass update. How do I refresh the records in related list once user mass edits the same records in LWC?

More info: There is new button "Sort" placed just above the standard related list. Upon click LWC pops up that shows same number of records. User edits the "Sort order" custom column for more than 1 record and click on "Save and Close". Once this pop-up closes than updated "Sort order" should auto. reflect in Standard related list which has same field. How do we do it? Thanks for your help.

LWC has sort order field that accepts input from User and upon close should update the same field in related list

  • After few research, I found two ways: 1. getRecordNotifyChange(): This seems to be release in Win'21, Please share an example to notify multiple records update. 2. Force use e.force:refreshView: Embed the LWC in Aura to force use the refreshView command. If you have better suggestions, please share it. – Mahesh Raghuraman Oct 27 '20 at 23:51

I have used getRecordNotifyChange() function to refresh the required list of records, for more info please follow the below:


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