I'm trying to add icon inside input and that's fine, but when i try to add some action like onclick it doesn't work. On front when i try to click on the icon i can not do this, cuz input hover it ;/

<div class="slds-form-element__control slds-input-has-icon slds-input-has-icon_right" style="width: -webkit-fill-available;">
                <div class="icon-container" onclick={handleShowHidePassword}>
                    <lightning-icon  size="small" class="front slds-input__icon slds-input__icon_right" icon-name={iconName}></lightning-icon>
                <lightning-input class="login-input slds-m-bottom_medium" type={inputType} label={label.labelPassword} value={password} required data-name="password" onchange={handleInputChange} ></lightning-input>

Ok, i find out the solution

style="pointer-events: painted;"

I added this style to lightning-icon and it's start recognize events

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