I am trying to create a custom button for New quote in 'Quote' record page. I dont wan't Opportunity field.But that field is required in 'Quote'. Any solution?

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    By default, Quote has master-detail relationship with Opportunity. So, a quote cannot exist without a parent opportunity. Can you elaborate on your question?
    – arut
    Commented Oct 24, 2020 at 16:36
  • also, quote's currency comes from opportunity's currency
    – cropredy
    Commented Oct 25, 2020 at 0:45

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Try installing the unmanaged package by Salesforce Labs called Simple Quote/Invoice/Order. You can utilize it to create custom quotes (doesn't use the Quote object) by creating a PDF you can send to your customer. It's available on the App Exchange or from their repository on GitHub if you want to customize it.


Since the Summer '23 release of Salesforce one can enable "Create Quotes Without a Related Opportunity" in Setup / Quote Settings.

See Salesforce release notes for more information: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=release-notes.rn_sales_quotes_without_opportunities.htm&release=244&type=5

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