I'm trying to use IN operator in my SAQL dynamically while doing callout using rest API.

If I'm trying to use hardcoded in operator it’s working.


q = filter q by 'Category' in ["Appliance","Testing"];

Not working:

'q = filter q by \'Category\' in' + list;

I guess it's because the list contains values in single quotes like ['Appliance','Testing']

Is there a way to automatically convert it to double quotes? Or I need to create it manually


I ended up creating my own list as string:

Account accObj = [select Id, GroupData__c from Account where Id = '0014axxxx AAE' limit 1];

List<string> groupList = accObj.GroupData__c.split(';');
List<string> parentGrouping = new List<string>();

for(string str : groupList){
    List<string> subList = str.split(':');

string stri = '[';
Boolean isFirst = true;
for(string st : parentGrouping){
        stri += '"'+st+'"';
        isFirst = false;
        stri += ',"'+st+'"';
stri += ']';
system.debug('>>> stri... '+stri);

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