A little while ago an issue showed up on the winter '21 version where sfdx force:org:create throws the error IndustriesActionPlan is not a valid Features value.

I am aware that this was fixed in a previous version but this is happening again (see sfdx force:org:create error "IndustriesActionPlan is not a valid Features value.").

Is there anyway to enable ActionPlans on a scratch org without listing the feature IndustriesActionPlan in your scratch org config file?

Here is what my config file looks like (this stopped working after winter '21 was rolled out):

    "orgName": "Test Scratch Org",
    "edition": "Developer",
    "hasSampleData": false,
    "features": [
    "settings": {
        "lightningExperienceSettings": {
            "enableS1DesktopEnabled": true

An investigation has been raised with the Salesforce product team recently and it has been identified as a known bug. The fix will go in one of the upcoming Winter'21 patch releases - by end of this week (safe harbor)

Problem: Customers using the "IndustriesActionPlan" feature cannot create scratch orgs. Expected result: Scratch orgs can be created using this feature. Actual result: Scratch org creation fails with "ERROR running force:org:create: IndustriesActionPlan is not a valid Features value."

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Create a definition file with the IndustriesActionPlan feature.
  2. Create a scratch org using the definition file.
  3. The org creation will fail with "ERROR running force:org:create: IndustriesActionPlan is not a valid Features value."


A Bug-fix has been submitted. The solution is to wait for this fix to be live on customer orgs, there are no workarounds available at this time.

  • Thank you Anudeep. Will keep an eye out for a patch. Oct 21 '20 at 18:28
  • Confirmed that after the patch, this is now working like it used to. Thank you so much Anudeep. Oct 26 '20 at 11:16
  • You are welcome! Oct 26 '20 at 12:41

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