I've been using the new Transactional Messaging send functionality in Journey Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and it has been acting a bit unreliably. For example today in my tests, I triggered an e-mail three times and only received it twice, even though the API response and message status in /messaging/v1/email/messages/{messageKey} was ("eventCategoryType": "TransactionalSendEvents.EmailSent") for all 3 messages.

Is there any way to check for sure which e-mails trigerred by an API request via /messaging/v1/email/messages/{messageKey} were actually sent/opened/etc? I tried looking for them send under the Tracking tab in Email Studio but couldn't find anything.

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    GET on /messaging/v1/email/messages/{messageKey} is the right call to grab status. ENS is another option but it'll return exact same info albeit in a more scalable way. Bottom line: according to MC, the email was sent. It may have not left MC (unlikely but possible, despite EmailSent status) or left MC but didn't arrive (possible) or got classified as spam somewhere (likely)
    – identigral
    Oct 21, 2020 at 16:30


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