I'm trying to generate email recommendations with Einstein, but I can't get users added to the IGO_PROFILES data extension.

I'm following the directions to the letter as far as I can tell. I'm also tracking page views. PI_CONTENTVIEWS is populating with lots of views.

In the Reporting section of Einstien, I can even search contacts by the email I'm testing with, and I can see my page views being associated with my 'profile.' But the profile itself hasn't made it into IGO_PROFILES so I can't write queries that join on IGO_PROFILES and PI_CONTENTVIEWS, which is ultimately what I'm trying to do.

Here's the code from my site.

var mcid = urlParams.get('mcid');
etmc.push(["setOrgId", MY_MID]);
etmc.push(["trackPageView", {
  "item": "/efficacy-and-safety"
etmc.push(["setUserInfo", {
  "email": mcid
  • Maybe this is not proper syntax, because it is missing the " " around mcid. If this is not directly done by urlParams.get('mcid'); just check it out. Oct 21 '20 at 5:51

Apparently the call to setUserInfo must come before the one to trackPageView, or key parameters will be missing from the network request.


All the setXxxx methods only update variables locally, in the user's browser's context. They do not trigger communication with the server and hence cause no tracking by itself.

Make sure to always follow setXxxx methods with one of the trackXxxx methods to actually update the database on the server. trackPageView (with or without further parameters) is one option. More in the docs

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