I am new to Einstein Analytics probably one week old.

I want to add image in a column for each row. Suppose I have a column called FeedbackLink(which is basically formula field having image in salesforce custom object).I could see the image appearing in records page but when I try to visualize it using Einstein Analytics table like other fields or column it just shows me <img src="/sfc/servlet.shepherd/version/renditionDownload?rendition=ORIGINAL_Jpg&versionId=0680E000001Yddq&operationContext=CHATTER&contentId=05......." alt="White" style="height:10px border="0"/>. Is there any way I could see the image which is referred by this link.

I want my table to have image for each record something like below: enter image description here

But right now it is appearing as below: enter image description here

Note: FeedbackLink is a formula field(file(.jpg) is added in File and image address is being used in formula field) and image appearing in record page is as below: enter image description here

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