A few days back an npm package for base lightning components was released Base Lightning Components

With this I am expecting to use base lightning components like my favorite lightning-datatable in a node project.

But getting following error for adding Lightning Button

⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡  Lightning Web Components ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

�  Starting build process.
�  Local server listening: http://localhost:3001
× 「wdm」:
ERROR in ./src/modules/lightning/primitiveIcon/primitiveIcon.js
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve '@salesforce/i18n/dir' in 'E:\Temp Codes\lwc oss with base components\my-app\src\modules\lightning\primitiveIcon'
 @ ./src/modules/lightning/primitiveIcon/primitiveIcon.js 3:0-39 34:60-63
 @ ./src/modules/lightning/button/button.html
 @ ./src/modules/lightning/button/button.js
 @ ./src/modules/my/greeting/greeting.html
 @ ./src/modules/my/greeting/greeting.js
 @ ./src/modules/my/app/app.html
 @ ./src/modules/my/app/app.js
 @ ./src/index.js
 @ multi ./node_modules/error-overlay-webpack-plugin/lib/entry-basic.js ./node_modules/error-overlay-webpack-plugin/lib/entry-devserver.js? ./src/index.js

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Looks like you are using the create lwc app to create the project scaffold.

There are a few things you need to make sure,

  1. Make sure you have installed the lightning-base-components via npm install

    npm install lightning-base-components

  2. Ensure that your lwc.config.json has the npm dependency specified

       "modules": [
           "dir": "src/modules"
        { "npm": "lightning-base-components" }
  3. Make sure you install the SLDS using

     npm install @salesforce-ux/design-system --save-dev
  4. Make sure you have lwc-services.config.js properly configured

      module.exports = {
       resources: [{ from: 'src/resources/', to: 'dist/resources/' },
         from: 'node_modules/@salesforce-ux/design-system/assets',
         to: 'src/SLDS'
        from: 'node_modules/@salesforce-ux/design-system/assets',
        to: 'dist/SLDS'
  5. Add the SLDS styles in your index.html at the head

  1. Make sure you have import @lwc/synthetic-shadow in your index.js. Ensure the import is the first statement in your index.js file, else the synthetic shadow may not work
  • Hey @mohith Thanks for the reply! I was missing the npm dependency for lightning base component. But that still doesnt resolve the issue. Still getting "Module not found: \lightning-base-components\src\lightning\primitiveIcon" for lightning button Commented Oct 16, 2020 at 4:35
  • Also I get another dependency error for when i use Lightning-input. You can verify my package.json github.com/darkacer/SFDC-Extension-LWC Commented Oct 16, 2020 at 4:38
  • Did you run the npm install again and lwc build to generate the build. Commented Oct 16, 2020 at 4:45
  • Your build file does not look correct! npm run build will fix this Commented Oct 16, 2020 at 4:47
  • 1
    This got resolved after updating lwc-services npm package. Had to individually update every dependency to check Commented Oct 20, 2020 at 8:10

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