I'm attempting to launch a Screen Flow from a VisualForce Page on a related list for OpportunityContactRoles. The flow will be a guided process for ContactRoles.

The Related List for the OCRs is on the Opportunity Layout.

Here is the code for the visualforce page

<apex:page standardController="OpportunityContactRole">
    <flow:interview name="TestFLOW"/>

Here is a screen shot of my view when I attempt to add it (SideNote: recordSetVar="oppRoles" is not supported on OCRs).

enter image description here


Article from Stack Exchange On Visualforce and RelatedLists


list button need an recordSetVar attribute in the page to control selected records from the list in order to see the Visualforce try to add recordSetVar="record"

    <apex:page standardController="OpportunityContactRole" recordSetVar="record">
         <flow:interview name="TestFLOW"/>
  • Thanks @mohammadAl-Said but, "recordSetVar" is not a supported variable on OpportunityContactRoles.
    – thinker
    Oct 15 '20 at 12:12

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