When Deploying anything from VSCode I get the same error everytime. I have created a new project in VSCode using SFDX.

I am able to authorize and retrieve from org, but anytime I deploy I get the same error:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'success' of undefined

when running from VS Code context menu


ERROR running force:source:deploy:  Cannot read property 'success' of undefined

when running from CLI


  • this happens regardless of if it is from vs code context menu or the CLI
  • this is in brand new apex classes that have been generated and nothing added and also ones with actual code (meaning its not code errors)
  • I have tried: creating a new project, reinstalling java, reinstalling the extension pack. All had the same result.

EDIT: Issue ended up being that I was connecting to a Production Environment instead of a dev sandbox! You can't directly deploy to Proe, so I just had to swap the org. Thanks for the help all!

  • Best way to go about getting to the bottom of this is to open an issue in github.com/forcedotcom/cli
    – identigral
    Oct 13, 2020 at 20:28
  • Do you have the latest version of the CLI? "sfdx update" should get you the latest version...Also try running this command from your project's root folder... where the sfdx-project.json file is located.
    – Rodrigo
    Oct 13, 2020 at 22:15

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Just had the same error and I found the root cause: when Apex class .cls and .cls-meta.xml file names do not match, CLI push will fail with that error.

I've logged a bug here: https://github.com/forcedotcom/cli/issues/674


This is now fixed with CLI version 7.76.1 and salesforcedx plugin version 50.1.1

  • @WesC did that solve your question? If yes, can you mark my answer as accepted.
    – POZ
    Nov 16, 2020 at 13:42

This is fixed in the latest release CLI version 7.76.1 salesforcedx plugin version 50.1.1

Run this below command:

sfdx update

sfdx plugins:install salesforcedx@latest


I had this problem just now in VS while trying to deploy. It also popped up in a CI pipeline that failed the other day. I did ran 'sfdx update' as Rodrigo indicated, this unfortunately did not work.

What fixed it for me was I [re] Authorized an Org to my sandbox environment. Once the authorization was successful, the deployment worked and I no longer received the

TypeError: Cannot read property 'success' of undefined

I hope that works for you as well. The error message lacks any meaning to me. Perhaps it has to do with the token expiring or Username/Credentials may have changed.


Some devs mention that updating the Salesforce CLI solves it:

sfdx update
sfdx plugins:install salesforcedx@latest

I have been struggling with this all day. I finally got it working. I recreated the project from scratch, but when I did I chose the standard project template. Then it started working.

In the past all my projects have worked fine, never had any trouble. It was just the new project I created today that kept failing time after time. Its the only one I ever created using the blank template in VS code, all the other I have chosen standard in the past.

I hope this helps.



What I noticed when this happened to me was that I had committed my new Apex class but I hadn't committed my .cls-meta.xml file so when I switched branches and pushed to my class to our full sandbox, I got that same error.

To remedy this, I just went to my other branch and cloned that .cls-meta.xml file to my new branch and THEN pushed my Apex class (and its corresponding xml file) into our org.

Hopefully that works for your situation too!


1- Uninstall Salesforce CLI

2- Go to windows explorer and use this path "%LOCALAPPDATA%\sfdx"

3- Delete all the files from there

4- Reinstall Salesforce CLI


I encountered this issue and I found that I mistakenly delete the apex class but its meta data file was present...So either remove the metadata apex file or include both files.

Hope it will help!!

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