I have the following requirement.

In my organization i have 3 users. Let the first user is say UserA and he is admin. Second UserB and third UserC are one role below the Admin. Now I want the UserB's Account records should not be visisble to UserC and UserC's Account records should not be visible to UserB. I have done this by following step: 1. i have made my OWD settings for Account object to private. Now i have some contacts. Now i want OwnerB should see the contacts only for the Accounts he own even though he is not the owner of that contacts?


Set Contact OWD to "controlled by parent" and you'll allow your users to see all contacts on accounts they own. You could also make a sharing rule if you only want User B to be affected.

  • I have done the same. But still i can see the UserB's records when i login as UserC. In simple when i login as UserB i should only see UserB's records and i should not be able to see UserC's records and even in global search i should not find them. – sunny Apr 9 '14 at 18:54
  • Log in as admin, check one contact that C has access to that belongs to B, and click on the sharing button. There is a Why? link that explains which rules or records are granting access to B's contacts to C. I believe you need to click Expand to see the Why? link. – sfdcfox Apr 9 '14 at 19:01

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