I am trying to disable lightning:button based on picklist field values, and the button needs to blurred out or Disabled for 4 picklist values, and i am writing lightning:button tag as mentioned below:

<lightning:button label="LABEL" onclick="{!c.dosomething}" disabled="{!or(item.fieldapi == 'value 1', item.fieldapi == 'value 2', item.fieldapi == 'value 3'. item.fieldapi == 'value 4')}"/>

Above works only for value 1 and value 2, but not for value 3 and value 4 if i change the order then again first 2 will work and gets disabled.

It will be a Great help for any solution

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The or() function only accepts two arguments.

This function supports only two arguments. Any arguments after the first two are ignored.

You'll want to use the || operator instead:

If you have more than two arguments, you can chain multiple || operations.

  • Its working for || operator.Thank you
    – TKD
    Oct 13, 2020 at 15:07

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