For a particular case, I have the possibility to create a Jira issue and an Article for Known Errors

Jira Issue:

enter image description here

known error Article:

enter image description here

In this example I have create a Jira Issue and an Article for the case 00161455. What I am struggling with is that the field Jira_Issue__c on the article (Knowledge object) needs to be update with the Jira Number (JIRA000659). Only a Jira Issue can be created before an article is created. Alternatively a Jira Issue can also be created after an article has been created. In both case the field Jira_Issue__c on Knowledge has to be updated with the Jira Number associated to the case (00161455)

If someone could give me the logic?


  • Unless there's a package for Jira/Atlassian in Salesforce (there likely is, I would look into that first) you would need to write your own callout code to trigger the creation of a Jira ticket and get the ticket number back in the response. This is tricky because you can't do callouts in triggers, so the callout must happen asynchronously and that will also cause the trigger to run a second time, writing it to the Case record. – nbrown Oct 13 '20 at 13:06

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