I have a triggered send by way of a Transactional API email (Journey Builder > Create Transactional Email). The email's body looks like:

if indexOf([Template Body], "You have an unsubmitted application for") > 0 then 
  RaiseError("Unsubmitted Application Email detected, stopping send"); 

if [Send Mail] == 0 and [Send SMS] == 1 then 
  set @mobileNumber = [Recipient Phone Number] 
  set @messageText = [Template Body] 
  set @regex = "\<.*?\>"
  set @outputMessageText = RegExMatch(@regex, @messageText, 0)
  set @url = Concat('https://cloud.xxx.domain.com/temp?mobileNumber=',@mobileNumber,'&message=',@outputMessageText) 
  set @result = HTTPGet(@url) 
  RaiseError("Send Mail attribute in TSDE is FALSE, stopping email send")
if [Send Mail] == 0 and [Send SMS] == 0 then
  RaiseError("Send Mail attribute in TSDE is FALSE, along with Send SMS. Stopping email send")

However when I execute this triggered send and pass False for Send Mail and True for Send SMS, I still receive the email. However when I "Preview and Test" the email with that same triggered send data extension record, the preview will fail to generate due to the RaiseError(...). What might be going on???

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The problem is evidently due to when you make a change to the email in Content Builder, the changes aren't reflected on the Transactional Message (much like needing to republish a triggered send definition). So, the solution was to edit the email within the Journey and saving. The Journey was never using the most recent email version.

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