Hello I have the following method but I need to compare one map with another map and then if they match carry out some action. (I need the ID as I may need to delete or update my record if it matches.

public static void manageTheBoards (){
    // manages on how we deal with the board updates
    map<string, trello_boards__C> myTrelloBoards = new map<string, trello_boards__C>(
                        [SELECT Trello_Board_Id__c , name, id 
                        FROM Trello_Boards__c

    System.debug('My local map of trello boards =' + myTrelloBoards);
    System.debug('The Returned Map Contains: ' + boardNameWithId);

    //for (string boardName : boardNameWithID.keyset()) {
        //if (boardName == ??????()) {

        //System.debug('My id is =' +boardName);
        //System.debug('i Match = ');

Basically my returned values look like this:

MyTrelloBoards Example

my local map of trello boards ={a2n0C000000AK8jQAG=Trello_Boards__c:{Trello_Board_Id__c=5d8b33d13af8d42de7d1740f, Name=GMS Sprints - Backlog, Id=a2n0C000000AK8jQAG}, a2n0C000000AK8oQAG=Trello_Boards__c:{Trello_Board_Id__c=5cc2bdcb05ebdc5c1525844b, Name=GMS Sprints - 

TheBoardNameWithID Example

The Returned Map Contains: {5b4777684a24477be17ce26c=Core Funding Products Backlogs, 5bd18776b162785b6562d556=Core Funding Products/GMS, 5c2e1c4953081e8b3d41b6a4=ULD Library, 5c920af43e392e71a056f5ff=Core Products Sprints: DOING, 5cbeefd33075c0640fa4d480=Core products: Backlog, 5cc2bdcb05ebdc5c15258

I think I need to change the map layout for the My TrelloBoards to be able to compare but it somebody could help that would be fab.

Happy to change if need be.

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    Can you add a little more detail about what the desired output of the comparison is? Are you trying to identify a delta between the Trello Ids of the two maps? – David Reed Oct 11 '20 at 15:18
  • Yes so I want to compare the I’d from both maps – WhiteFusion Oct 11 '20 at 16:29

You can check if one map containsKey() from the other map and perform your logic.

Something like this should work for your code:

for (string boardId: : myTrelloBoards.keyset()){
        if (boardNameWithId.containsKey(boardId)) {
        //Do something 

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