I am trying to create a process in Process builder to update a custom text field in Case object on below criteria.

  1. Case description is not null = false AND
  2. Case description Ischanged = true OR
  3. Case description IsNew() = true

I created a criteria for Executioning actions as Formula evaluates to true under criteria section with below formula. But this formula is giving syntax error. Formula: [Case].Description !=NULL AND (IsChanged() OR IsNew())

enter image description here

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[Case].Description !=NULL

You need to use the ISBLANK() function to check for null/empty fields.

AND (IsChanged() OR IsNew())

If your process is running due to a record event, which appears to be the case, this is always true: the object was either changed or new, always. You don't need this criterion.

  • Thank you David. But I got error while running this formula. This process is running for updating a case record on the base of mentioned criteria.
    – sunil2018
    Commented Oct 12, 2020 at 17:20

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