I have a problem with opt out, when I print the MarketingCloudSDK.sharedInstance().sfmc_pushEnabled() this returns true, but when I go in portal the same DeviceID is showing this informations:

Status: Not Opted In

Opt-Out Font: ServiceFeedback

Opt-Out Date: 07/10/2020 11:06

Opt in Origin: MOBILE_OPT_IN

What I do wrong?

  • This is almost always a cert issue. Please verify that you have followed the implementation instructions. If you feel that you have done this then open a support case through your support representative. – Bill Mote Oct 8 '20 at 14:10
  • I tested the same cert in another service(OneSignal), the push is sending to iPhone :/ – André Santana Ferreira Oct 8 '20 at 18:08
  • That does not matter. This is almost certainly a cert issue. Open a case. We can go back and forth here or you can get this resolved very quickly. Up to you. – Bill Mote Oct 10 '20 at 13:57

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