Not able to see some of the options like "Insert Thread ID in the Email Subject" and "Insert Thread ID in the Email Body" on Email-to-case settings in my sandbox.

PFA screenshot

enter image description here

How to enable this? can someone please help. following is the screenshot of my dev sandbox where options are available:

enter image description here

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As far as I can see there is a new default for any org created after Winter'21 (which is the release being deployed by Salesforce).

Long story short: I think you cannot change it, if your org is already at Winter'21 release. Check the Email-to-Case documentation for more info:

Insert Thread ID in the Email Subject

NOTE Any org created after the Winter '21 release defaults to a new threading behavior. Until then, agents of existing orgs can update email templates at their convenience. Any email templates still using thread ID after the release return an empty string.

Plus the related release note: Enhance Security with a New Threading Behavior for Email-To-Case

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