I have a wizard with a few steps. On the first screen I have a lightning:recordEditForm that uses aura:iteration to display a set of fields retrieved in component's onInit method from metadata.
All works brilliantly however if the user navigates from step two of the wizard back to screen one with the aforementioned form the fields do not show. In the rerender method that is called on this occasion I can see the list of fields to display retrieved on initial init is still there in the component but for some reason they aren't displayed.
Looks like the iteration part is not called on rerender.

Is there a way to have my fields displayed when navigating back to the form?

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    To best serve you, could you provide a SSCCE? Have you checked the developer console for errors, and if so, what did you find? You may also want to include another screenshot or two. – sfdcfox Oct 4 at 20:59

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