We want to set up a logic for a Boolean in Salesforce called "Sync to Marketing Cloud" to be false for those who have hasOptedOutOfEmail set to True.

We also want to set a Transactional email journey to be sent out on new Orders in Shopify, based on the Order being created on Salesforce (Salesforce Entry Source).

Sending a Transactional Email / Journey to an opted-out contact should be possible: I wanted to have a detail about auto-suppression (HasOptedOutOfEmail in core/salesforce object value) prevents journey emails from being sent

Question is: If the contacts above are set not to sync (are filtered by the boolean), will they enter the journey to receive a transactional email?

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    Injection's OK for those with HasOptedOutOfEmail. Just ensure you use a Transactional Send Classification in the setup of any emails in your journey.
    – Macca
    Oct 2, 2020 at 5:02

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Yes, the flag preventing them from being synced only applies to your synchronised data extensions. Injecting contacts into journeys will not be affected.

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