How to reset Security Token of API Only User ?

I created a new user in salesforce exclusively for integration purpose. Got the welcome email,Verified Account and changed password.

Prior to this, I created a Profile 'API Only' and assigned this User to the Profile. 'API Only User' and 'API Enabled' is checked.

I need the security token for this user. However when I go to the User record, and Login as this user, under personal settings, I do not see the option to 'Reset Security Token'

  • I followed those instructions before posting, however i do not see he security token. – GroundToCloud Sep 30 '20 at 19:36

Figured out. The IP ranges on the profile assigned to the User has this range to As a result, the User record did not have the option to 'Reset Security Token'

Deleted the entry for this range, and was able to see the 'Reset Security Token'

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