I have a VF page where the user is to upload a file and a custom controller to save this to the notes and attachments section of the object record.

I'm receiving the following error when hitting the save button on my VF page:

Insert failed. First exception on row 0 with id a014W00000xc8aOQAQ; first error: INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE, cannot specify Id in an insert call: [Id]
Error is in expression '{!saveScholarship}' in component <apex:commandButton> in page testpage: Class.regularController.saveScholarship: line 14, column 1

Records save successfully when not attaching a document.

Here is my code:

Custom controller

public with sharing class regularController {
    public Scholarship_Award__c sch {get;set;}
    public Recipient__c rec {get;set;}
    public regularController(){
    sch = new Scholarship_Award__c();
    rec = new Recipient__c();
    public void saveScholarship(){
    insert rec;
    sch.Recipient__c = rec.Id;  
    insert sch;

Controller extension for document upload

public with sharing class testController{
    public testController(regularController ctrlParam){
       public Recipient__c myCustomObject;
    private Attachment myDocument;
    public Attachment myDoc
                myDocument = new Attachment();
            return myDocument;
    public testController(ApexPages.StandardController controller)
        myCustomObject = (Recipient__c) controller.getRecord();
    public PageReference upload()
        myDoc.parentId = myCustomObject.Id;
        insert myDoc;
        return null;

VF Page

<apex:page controller="regularController" extensions="testController" lightningStylesheets="true">
    <apex:pageBlock >
        <!--Recipient form-->
    <apex:pageBlockSection title="Add recipients" columns="2">
        <apex:inputField value="{!rec.Name}"/>
        <apex:inputField value="{!rec.Last_Name__c}"/>
        <apex:inputField value="{!rec.Preferred_Name__c}"/>
        <apex:inputField value="{!rec.Email__c}"/>
        <apex:inputField value="{!sch.Award__c}"/>
        <apex:inputField value="{!sch.School__c}"/>
        <apex:inputField value="{!rec.School__c}" rendered="false"/>
        <apex:inputField value="{!sch.Year__c}"/>
        <apex:inputField value="{!rec.Specialty__c}"/>
        <apex:pageBlockSection title="Biography">
        <apex:outputLabel >Upload or enter student biography/CV</apex:outputLabel>
        <apex:inputFile id="myFile" value="{!myDoc.Body}" fileName="{!myDoc.Name}">
            <apex:inputTextarea value="{!rec.Biography__c}" rows="3" cols="100"/>
    <!--Record list-->     
    <!--Submit all records in record list-->
    <apex:pageBlockButtons location="bottom">
        <apex:commandButton action="{!saveScholarship}" value="Submit"/>

Thank you all for your help.


If somebody clicks the upload button twice, you wouldn't have gone through the constructor twice. That causes you to try and insert a record that was already inserted.

Change your insert statements to upsert statements in saveScolarship to avoid the problem. That way, the second (and subsequent) clicks won't create new records.

PS: Not sure why you're using an extension with a custom controller. It's significantly easier and straightforward to simply extend your custom controller. Extensions are useful when using a standard controller, which you're not using.

  • Thank you. It now saves with no error. However, the document does not save to the notes and attachments related list in recipient__c - how can I direct documents to save to that related list? Sep 29 '20 at 21:25
  • I don’t see you calling your upload method anywhere. Sep 30 '20 at 3:42
  • You're right. How can I combine this method with the saveScholarship() method in my main controller? Oct 2 '20 at 14:53

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