there is a known issue SFDX- when using in JENKINS :sfdx force:apex:test:run: An ERROR: Unable to invoke async test job: Subscriber handshake failed due to a socket timeout on trailblazer site with no workaround specified.

i wanted to share my one, hopefully it'll help someone else.

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it looks like the core reason for that error is SFDC "forgets" to which instances it's connected. at least my setup started to show me the error in 2-3 weeks of night builds.

i do not use pipeline, but a freestyle project in Jenlinks. so my workaround is to run

sfdx force:org:list

before any

sfdx force:apex:test:run

it seems, in case of Pipeline the code should be the following:

command "${toolbelt}/sfdx force:org:list"

i'd add that command as the first line to "Authorize DevHub" stage of that Jenkinsfile Walkthrough. in my case, that issue does not return for 3-4 months already.

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