View All / Modify All system perms in no way interact with FLS. Yet there's also no convenient system permission to say 'this user should have read/edit ability for all field FLS', as far as I know.

Via UI the only way I'm familiar is clicking into every object on a profile/perm set... then clicking on every. single. field's. checkbox.

It's like a new movie in the Saw series. They hate us. They actually, really really hate us. They don't want us to be happy.

Or am I missing something easier? Do I need to write some complex code to query every field on every object, parse the results write it into a perm set XML file in order to grant permission? Do I need to spend 20 hours clicking through our hundreds of objects and thousands of fields, updating the perm set every time there's new fields added?

Is Salesforce profile/perm control an elaborate fever dream of Baal, lord of demons?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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You can switch back to classic and use some free chrome extension which gives an option to check all.

enter image description here

This might save you a lot of time. Only problem is you have to perform this activity for each and every object you want to give access.

  • Thanks Sanket, better than nothing
    – smohyee
    Commented Sep 30, 2020 at 16:30

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