I'm in the process of converting a repository to the new DX layout. During that process, the directory .sfdx with the file sfdx-config.json was created somehow and now I'm not sure if I should version it. It looks like it is only some configuration for my local setup so I tend to add this file to .gitignore:

    "defaultusername": "MyProject",
    "defaultdevhubusername": "MyProject"

Short answer is: no. This file is a configuration for a given machine and/or user.

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  • As I thought. Thanks for the clarification. – Semmel Sep 28 at 20:48
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    @Semmel More directly, you should not commit this file, as it would cause issues for other developers using the repo. – sfdcfox Sep 28 at 21:14
  • Indeed, do not commit anything under the .sfdx folder. – Phil W Sep 28 at 21:34

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