We are using IntelliJ with the Illuminated Cloud plugin for Salesforce development. We have decided to use Azure DevOps git repository for our VCS. This is a fresh, empty repo and I cannot figure out how to add our code (just the 'src' folder) to the repo and get it all connected up.

I have installed the Azure DevOps plugin inside IntelliJ and I can see the repo. However, I don't know what the next step is to get my current IntelliJ / Illuminated Cloud project connected so I can perform my initial commit. What I have tried is perform an initial Clone, but this ends up creating blank project without the Illuminated Cloud "nature".

Can someone provide the high level steps I need to take to setup IntelliJ and Azure DevOps and perform my initial checkin?


Have you seen this topic from the user guide?


It details how to create an IC project from an existing version control (typically Git) repo. I do that all the time. IC will help to convert the project/module for its own use.

Regards, Scott Wells

  • Thanks Scott. Turns out I first needed to seed my repo with Salesforce metadata before I was able complete these steps. – Swisher Sweet Oct 2 '20 at 22:09

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