We are using IntelliJ with the Illuminated Cloud plugin for Salesforce development. We have decided to use Azure DevOps git repository for our VCS. This is a fresh, empty repo and I cannot figure out how to add our code (just the 'src' folder) to the repo and get it all connected up.

I have installed the Azure DevOps plugin inside IntelliJ and I can see the repo. However, I don't know what the next step is to get my current IntelliJ / Illuminated Cloud project connected so I can perform my initial commit. What I have tried is perform an initial Clone, but this ends up creating blank project without the Illuminated Cloud "nature".

Can someone provide the high level steps I need to take to setup IntelliJ and Azure DevOps and perform my initial checkin?

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Have you seen this topic from the user guide?


It details how to create an IC project from an existing version control (typically Git) repo. I do that all the time. IC will help to convert the project/module for its own use.

Regards, Scott Wells

  • Thanks Scott. Turns out I first needed to seed my repo with Salesforce metadata before I was able complete these steps. Oct 2, 2020 at 22:09

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