I'm attracted to the FinancialForce apexmocks and related libraries, and have successfully deployed to Trailhead playgrounds, Dev sandboxes and our full sandboxes. The deployments ran quite smoothly and quickly. When I went to deploy apexmocks to our Production instance, the status doesn't move past Status: Queued. Are there settings that I should check in Production to see why there's such a difference?

I will try again in the wee hours, but I tried yesterday afternoon, (relatively) early this morning and ~2:00 p.m. EST, and I see neither progress nor errors.


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NOTE: The tool does not run tests during the deployment, so will not deploy into production orgs, I may add a checkbox with a big disclaimer around it if there is demand. Bottom line this is a developer tool.

via the man himself: https://andyinthecloud.com/2013/09/24/deploy-direct-from-github-to-salesforce/

  • What would happen if one were to attempt a Production deployment..? The statuses could have changed from Status: Queued to Status: InProgress, as an example, but if tests are not running, it won't finish successfully, at any rate. Is the GitHub Salesforce Deploy Tool going to keep trying for .. a very long time? ... ever? Sep 25, 2020 at 20:14
  • yes; because this is an unmanaged package - it effectively becomes part of your development code base and as such, should be deployed through your normal devops pipeline; +1 for using apexmocks; be aware of this handy resource if also using apex-common
    – cropredy
    Sep 27, 2020 at 3:11

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