We have a test class, and it has @isTest and for some reason, salesforce is showing this class as needing coverage? Shouldn't this class be excluded from code coverage?

global class MyMockResponse implements HttpCalloutMock{
    global HTTPResponse respond(HTTPRequest request) {
         //some code

It doesn't need coverage if it is annotated with @IsTest. Any report to the contrary is in error. Note however that you shouldn't be using global.

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  • Global should be fine, HttpCalloutMock interface can be either global or public. – sunil gupta Sep 24 at 21:11
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    Just because it doesn't break anything doesn't mean you should use it. – Adrian Larson Sep 24 at 21:13

This seems like a bug in salesforce... The following post had the resolution. Why are my Test Classes (marked @isTest) getting listed with Code Coverage?

 1. Copy the listed test class and paste into notepad.
 2. Delete the listed test class.
 3. Create new test class with **same class name** and **same body**(structure).
 4. Finally Run the test class.
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