We have setup a HTML footer in Account Settings in Marketing Cloud. For some emails, we want to use a custom footer and override the Account Settings footer. When I create an email message using an existing Marketing Cloud template and insert my custom footer, I still see the Account Settings footer. How do I switch it off or override it for that particular email without going back and forth to my Account Settings?

I have used the code

%%[ IF 0 == 1 THEN ]%%

but this only works for Paste HTML emails or if you save it in Account Settings.

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You can try setting a variable to show/hide the footer in account settings. Then define that variable in the email where you want to hide it. For example, in your account settings footer:

%%[ if @hideFooter == “true” then ]%%
%%[ else ]%%
[HTML Footer goes here]
%%[ ending ]%%

In your email:

%%[ set @hideFooter = “true” ]%%

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