Is there a time only input component for screen flows? I could only find a Date and Date & Time components. Is there a way to add to a Flow screen an input field with only time selection?

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The Time field type is not supported in Flow Builder which is why no component for it exists.

Be aware of these limitations when using a time field type. The time field:

  • Isn’t supported in Flow Builder, Process Builder, and Schema Builder
  • Doesn't support the creation of custom index for SOQL queries
  • Isn’t available for standard lookup relationships in external objects

You'll have to create your own component for this (LWC) to make it look as in your screenshot. There could be a more declarative option, depending on your need, as shown in unofficialsf on leveraging columns/sections and multiple picklists inputs (assuming you're selecting specific time increments: 0 minute, 15 minutes, etc).


There isn't a Time only input for the screen elements, these are the only ones available at the moment unfortunately:


You'll need to use a text input, or could consider using HH and MM option lists if you're looking for time data in HH:MM format

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