The standard "change owner" on account record has surprising behavior.

Salesforce Standard Change Owner Behavior

When changing account owner, opportunities owned by the current owner are changed. However, logic in opportunity trigger cannot be properly processed.


  • the standard button doesn't cause opportunity trigger even though changing opportunity owner.
  • opportunity trigger cannot catch the old opportunity owner id in any case if transaction starts with the standard button.

Due to above two issues, our business logic, dependent on opportunity owner changing, cannot be processed consisitently.

Anyone has workaround for this?

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Operations like this do not automatically cascade trigger executions for performance reasons. The most robust solution today would involve querying existing Opportunity records in an After Update Account trigger (to keep track of the old owners), then calling a Queueable method to check if the ownership changed, and take appropriate action at that time. It's worth noting that this behavior is not a bug, but a design feature.

  • I see. Thank you @sfdcfox The workaround sounds workable.
    – Rick Yang
    Oct 10, 2020 at 9:48

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