I would like to display an image (which is a document externally available) in a word document (generated from a visualforce page).

The point is that works only if the image URL is with a HTTP and not a HTTPS but unfortunately, all document images are in HTTPS.

I read that I have to use a Salesforce site to display the image but when I use the URL of the site, it is all the time redirected to a HTTPS URL.

Per example, if I use that URL:


It is all time that URL which is used:


So, the image is not displayed in the word document.

How can I do please?


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Can you open the Document, right click on the image preview at the bottom, and choose "Copy image address" (for Chrome, might be different in other browsers)?

enter image description here

Mine worked in a VF Word doc in this URL format: https://mydomain.cs83.content.force.com/servlet/servlet.ImageServer?id=XXX&oid=XXX


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