I am working on Service Cloud and while doing Omni-Channel Queue based routing testing I have encountered an issue. I have created a Community (Public) and allowing guests to create cases from the community without login, (Enable Support API on the community). Cases are getting created in Salesforce but it's getting assigned to my Admin user, I tried changing the Support Setting to "Default Case Owner" but no luck, I tried writing assignment rules to assign the Case to Queue if the type is "Web" but no luck again. Then I wrote a before insert trigger to change the owner to Queue which worked but now the case is not coming for accepting in Omni-Channel when Omni Channel status changed to 'Available'.

Even in the Omni Supervisor tab, the fourth case is not appearing. I have been through all Salesforce documents and didn't find any explanation or any type of limitationsenter image description here

Any help here is very much appreciated.

Regards, Puneetenter image description here

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