I have two problems here - First - I am trying to increase the size of the lightning dual list box but i am not able to do so, can we increase the size of the standard lightning dual list box?

code for dual list box -

<lightning-dual-listbox id="selectOptions" source-label="Available"
    selected-label="Selected" options={listOptions} onchange={handleChange}

Second - Is there any way we can increase the size of standard lightning input vertically? i am able to increase its size horizontally by using - slds-col slds-size_1-of-4 but not able to increase it vertically

code for lightning input -


In lightning-dual-list-box there is a size attribute that indicates the number of items that display in the listboxes before vertical scrollbars are displayed. Not sure if that's what you need.

Regarding lightning-input, it is a component which horizontal width grows to fill the space in its container. However, you cannot change its height. If you want to place it in a bigger container maybe you can play with vertical margin.

In general, you cannot apply CSS to base components internals has they are part of its Shadow DOM, unless that there is a property that allows you to manipulate it (as the lightning-dual-list-box size property)

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