I want to use the Salesforce authenticator app for a 2FA-Login in Salesforce. But I only want to use it if the User isn't in the trusted IP ranges which you can set in Setup under Network Access. Someone have a workaround for that?

  • Custom Login Flow is the overall solution to this. It will work with Authenticator via TOTP (enter a code..) but you won't be able to do a push notification + a tap. – identigral Sep 14 at 8:01
  • Okay.. thats what I found aswell. Sad to hear that there is no workaround for the full functionally Salesforce Authenticator App. – Lars Bethge Sep 14 at 8:29
  • Your best option out of the box is to use Authenticator for everyone and auto-approve based on location + IP. – identigral Sep 14 at 18:11

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