When I query for only a folder in Email Templates with this SOQL

SELECT FolderName,Name 
FROM EmailTemplate 
WHERE FolderName = 'Customer Returns

I get no data. However if I leave out the WHERE statement. I can see those Folders.
Customer Returns Mismatched Order Ltr w URL Lee


This is a really strange behavior.

Below query you mentioned in the question didn't work for me as well:

SELECT Name, FolderName FROM EmailTemplate WHERE FolderName = 'Customer Returns'

But apparently when we change FolderName to Folder.Name in the where clause, the query works:

SELECT Name, FolderName FROM EmailTemplate WHERE Folder.Name = 'Customer Returns'

I don't know why this works, looks like a bug to me.

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    I think FolderName is meant to be used only to display the value. Folder.Name is definitely the way I would query this.
    – sfdcfox
    Sep 11 '20 at 0:05
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    Thanks for the reply @sfdcfox, looking at the documentation of the EmailTemplate object, FolderName does has Filter property, so ideally filtering by FolderName should have also worked?
    – Raul
    Sep 11 '20 at 0:07
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    Yeah, it should. Perhaps a bug of some sort? I just did a test, apparently FolderName has a lower query cost than folder.name. It might be worth logging a case with Technical Support.
    – sfdcfox
    Sep 11 '20 at 0:40

Filter.Name works - I don't know why either.

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