Is there way I can make a field on a dashboard a hyperlink that will take me to specific record without having to go to the overall report details to find it?

I have a custom field called 'Salesforce Generated ID' which is an auto-number on the opportunity that is displayed on the dashboard. Our users simply need the ability click that specific record to be navigated to the overall record page.

Yes, I know each SFDC record has its own unique (15 digit) id but this custom field is used for different purposes. Opportunity name (which is a hyperlink on dashboards) can't appear on the dashboard.


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Unfortunately no, the only way to create a custom hyperlink field would be to create another formula field with something along these lines:

HYPERLINK('/'+Id, AutoNumberField__c)

Unfortunately this doesn't display nicely on a dashboard, as you end up with something looking like this (which doesn't even link to the appropriate record): enter image description here

It also appears that when you select drill down into the record detail, the only field that works on is the name field.

enter image description here

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