I am using chat with OmniChannel

I have routing requirements that are much more than the queue-based routing

So I am trying to implement skill-based routing

On the basic skill-based routing if a button has a set of skills, the agent must have ALL skills to the chat to be routed to him

But I need a fallback mechanism that would route to one agent if he has the skills, but if no agents with these skills are available, then it would be routed to a faalback agent

I have tried to implement the embedded_svc.settings.fallbackRouting as explaind here:

chat embedded_svc.settings.fallbackRouting not working

But it does not work, and also - it would be very hard to manage so many skills

So I was trying to implement the Advanced Skills-Based Routing mechanism, but as they write - it is not available for chat.

So my question is - can the Advanced Skills-Based Routing work for chat? Can I implement a fallback mechanism? or maybe can I develop my own routing mechanism for my chats?

  • Since last release in October you can now use Advanced Skill-Based Routing for Chat. You don't need code, just create the mapping configuration. More information here: help.salesforce.com/… – Acuariano Nov 2 '20 at 23:16

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