Experience with the platform tells me the answer is "no".

But I notice that Documentation says that a "group" can "own" a record.

Salesforce stores access grants in three types of tables.

Object Record Tables Tables that store the records of a specific object, and indicate which user, group, or queue owns each record.


OK. So based on my understanding of this table, "own" means the "OwnerID" column in the appropriate sObject Record Table would contain the ID of the owning entity. A User or a Queue can own a record in this way. But a "group"? What is meant by this? Public Groups cannot "own" a record in this way. A Role cannot "own" a record in this way.

I am left wondering... what is meant by "own" and "group" in the Documentation referenced above?

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    also - before someone just links me some generic documentation... I do understand how the Object Share and Group Maintenance Tables work, I do understand how records are SHARED with groups (Public Groups and Role Groups). I also know that RECORD ACCESS is not OWNERSHIP. So I'm basically pointing out that a literal reading of the Documentation above doesn't line up with what I know about the platform.
    – krigi
    Sep 9 '20 at 14:44
  • A Queue is a Group. Queues can own leads, case and custom objects. Owner on Lead or Case is a polymorphic field.
    – identigral
    Sep 9 '20 at 16:47

There's a lot of documentation on the platform. Some of it is bound to have imprecise or confusing wording (or in some occasions, just flat out wrong wording). I think this is just one of those situations. Perhaps general group ownership of records was a feature on the roadmap at some point, but it'd be hard to confirm or deny that.

Generally speaking, I believe your experience is correct. Groups cannot own SObject records. The two exceptions to that which I know of are Task and Case. In both of those cases though, only groups of type "Queue" can own the record. There are likely more (documentation suggests Lead and any custom object too).

Yep, there isn't a "Queue" SObject (though there is QueueSObject, which is something else). A queue is just a Group record where the Type field is "Queue". Nice way to muddy the waters even more.


  • The record "owner" is the entity pointed to by the OwnerId field (where available, objects on the detail side of a master-detail relationship are owned by the entity that owns the master record)
  • Record ownership is not equal to record access, but it does form the basis of record access
  • A Queue is a subtype of the Group SObject
  • So, while saying a "Group" can own a record is technically correct, that'd be a misleading statement
  • Queues can own records of some (but not all) SObjects

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