We have connected apps that I wish to delete and recreate for our deployment process using OAuth2 Register through .Net. I am able delete the app and then recreate it. But if I run the process again straight after, the newly created connected app is not found and I can't delete it and recreate it. If I go to Salesforce I can see the connected app is there. I found to resolve this I can go directly into Salesforce and click edit and save on the connected app. Now when I run my code the connected app is found ready for deletion and recreation and it works again. Is there a value I should possibly be passing to Salesforce to make sure the app is "active" as it seems it just requires a manual save on Salesforce and my code works.

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    – identigral
    Sep 7, 2020 at 17:30

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You should probably not be deleting and recreating Connected Apps as a general rule. You only need once instance of it, and it need only live in your production/business org. As long as you have the client Id and client secret, you can use that app for any org you wish to connect to.

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