We have two Opportunity record types: Parent and Child. I've added a lookup field on the Child record to be able to link it to its parent record. Hence, there is a "Child Opportunities" related list on the Parent record.

I would like to be able to roll-up the "Child Opportunities" record count and sum.

I've set this up and nothing is happening. Are we able to have the Opportunity object as the parent and child?

Thank you!

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Rollup summary fields are only available when you have a master-detail relationship, and we can't create master-detail relationships on a single object (another way to say that is that a self-relationship cannot be a master-detail relationship).

This can, however, be accomplished via a trigger and a SOQL query. Instead of making your own trigger for that, though, you should consider using Andrew Fawcett's Declarative Lookup Rollup Summary tool

  • I'm actually using the Declarative Lookup Rollup Summary tool, and it's not pulling the information.
    – Sarah K
    Commented Sep 4, 2020 at 19:20

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