In Apex that is running in the context of an external API call (in my case, via the REST API - but same would apply for SOAP), is it possible to determine the 'client' value supplied in the Sforce-Call-Options header?

For example, in an Apex trigger that has fired due to an incoming REST API call inserting/updating objects is there any means via which the Apex code can access that client name? I'm thinking in the same way that you can access contextual information about the Url that triggered some Apex via Url.getCurrentRequestUrl().

I've had a good root around the Apex class reference but am unable to find anything obvious.

  • This question specifically asks about accessing the client name supplied in an API header. The question it's been tagged as a duplicate of doesn't include the word 'client' anywhere in the question, answers or comments. Forgive me if I'm missing something? – Fake Jim Sep 7 '20 at 10:03

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