• Existing Community with Guest User Access only
  • OOTB Community component Contact Support Button
  • Guest User configured to have access to Support API and Global NewCase action; Read/Create privileges on Case.


  • Contact Support Button clicked


  • To the guest user, case is accepted with response as configured in the Contact Support Button component

  • Sysadmin gets email from Salesforce that looks like this:

     Salesforce could not create this case because of the reason listed below. We will try creating the case again. For more information about this error or help with Web-to-Case, please contact Customer Support.
     Reason: common.exception.ApiException: QuickAction NewCase is not accessible
     Record Information:
    _quickActionName = NewCase
    _record = {"Description":"ff","Reason_for_Contact__c":"Inquiry","First_Name__c":"fred",
               "Subject":"from community","Last_Name__c":"fubar","Email__c":"foo@bar.com"}

self-answering as this took me a while to figure out so hopefully this helps the next person

Because this was an existing Community and the Contact Support button had worked previously, consider what changed. In this example, recordtypes were added to Case where none had existed previously.

So, what you need to do:

  • Grant Guest user access to the recordtypes in the Guest User Profile with an appropriate default.
  • Since the Community was using the OOTB Contact Support Button component, this is tied to the default Global Action New Case. Edit the New Case Global Action and associate it with a recordtype available to the Guest user.

Why? because Default Global Actions associated with -master- recordtype won't be available to Guest Users once you enable recordTypes for that object and hence the error message ensues.

Note: You could also use a custom New Case global action that you made available to the site's Guest User provided it was associated to a recordtype available to the Guest User.

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