I have some duplicate rules set up for accounts, but they have specific conditions to apply (the rules should only apply on specific account types). The rules are also set up to block on create and edit if a duplicate is detected.

Now I have account A, which matches the rule conditions, and account B, which does not. A and B would be duplicates if both of them matched the rule conditions.

Now the problem is that the 'potential duplicates' component on account A's page layout lists account B as a potential duplicate (when it shouldn't). But account B's 'potential duplicates' component is empty.

How do I make it so that account A's 'potential duplicates' component stops showing this false positive?

Additional info:

  • There is no DuplicateRecordSet or DuplicateRecordItem that I can see (as admin) that is linked to either of the accounts
  • I can edit both accounts without the duplicate rule blocking the edit
  • When account A is edited to not match the duplicate rule conditions any more, the potential duplicate disappears. (This is likely the reason that account B shows no potential duplicates) When account A is restored to the way it should be, the potential duplicate shows up again.
  • I can't explicitely run duplicate jobs because it is an Enterprise org

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