Hi all new to Apex here completing Trailhead...

I am receiving the error in the title and can't seem to figure out why. Here's my apex class:

public class AccountHandler {
    public static void insertAccount(Integer value){
        Integer counter = 1;
        //create a list
        List<Account> addAccounts = new List<Account>();
        while(counter <= value){
        //display current counter value
        system.debug('Counter value before incrementing' + counter);
        //create a new account
        Account store = new Account();
        store.Name = 'Acme Inc n' + counter;
        store.AccountNumber = 'A00n' + counter;
        //increment counter
        counter = counter + 1;
        system.debug('Counter value after incrementing' + counter);     
        system.debug('Size of Account list:' + addAccounts.size());
        system.debug('Elements in Account List:' + addAccounts);
        insert addAccounts;

And here is my execution code:


Any help is appreciated!


You are declaring a method insertAccount():

public static void insertAccount(Integer value){

but you are calling a method sObjectsInsert():


You must change one or the other - either call the method as declared, or declare the method as called.

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